A Quiet Autumn Morning

A Quiet Autumn Morning

Cindy Fox on 19th Oct 2020

It's a quiet Autumn morning.
The squirrels are enjoying a tasty meal of nuts.
It snowed yesterday about an inch but is all gone now but extremely cold.
It's began to snow again and seems Autumn and Winter are getting confused.
The squirrels don't mind this morning with now snow and probably glad to not have to dig for nuts lol

I've had my coffee and the dogs and cats have had their breakfast.
Now I'm getting ready to start my day here.

I do feed several cats outdoors that live in the neighborhood. A new one came in today that is a kitty maybe 4 months old.
Since it's cold I do worry about them staying warm.
So I've invested in items to help them keep warm.
I also wanted to share some of these items if you care for outdoor cats needing to stay warm in the colder months.

Do have a look below at the Heated Beds and Cat Heated A Frame House if these are items that may interest you.


What will you be up to today? Is it cold where your located or are you in a warmer climate?

Is Autumn a favorite season of yours with pumpkins, leaves changing and all the beauty it brings?
I do enjoy Autumn, pumpkin spice and everything nice.

Have an amazing day and look forward to sharing more soon.