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Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Soap

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Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Soaps

Did you know many soaps your purchase in the store that smell so heavenly and are advertised to be a treat to your skin with gracious moisture are nothing more than mere detergent. There's not an ounce of anything moisturizing in the soap. 

I am seeing some stores now carrying handcrafted soaps and

the Farmer's Markets as well. It's nice to see this!

DIY: The reason many soap manufacturers remove the moisturizing glycerin out of soap is to make production work. It's impossible to put mass amounts of soaps through a machine with glycerin that sticks to the machines.

Then the glycerin is sold to us soap makers who use it make real moisturizing soaps by hand.

I make both cold pressed and glycerin soaps. Home at Hearth's Soaps are made cold pressed with spring water, plant-based oils and butters, which add moisture without stripping away skin’s natural oils. The combination of high-quality oils and the mineral waters in the soaps ensures gentleness and tolerance, creating a truly unique experience!

I haven't had a lot of time to create soaps lately but excited to be getting back into creating again.
The Sweet Orange and Grapefruit features energizing and refreshing scent of sweet orange combined with a mild note of tangy grapefruit.
Each soap is handcrafted just for you when you order!

Each bar is available for $8.50 with free shipping.

Normally no returns on soaps, sorry but if there is something wrong with your soap or it's damaged, let's talk about it because I'd rather provide you with another than have you use a damaged soap.

No Refunds on soaps but if you have a soap with something wrong with it, please let me know and we'll discuss what to do about it! Cindy